Thanks to Docs Sheets Generator, you can automatically generate documents by email to anyone you want.

How it's working?

A new module has been added to Docs Sheets Generator - "Send mail to":

You just need to indicate which column in the spreadsheet contains e-mails, for example; we have the following data sheet:

As you can see, the information about your e-mail is in column C, i.e. in the "Column letter" field, which is described as: "Select the column from the spreadsheet containing the e-mails:" in this example, we would enter C.

Docs Sheets Generator will generate the document as usual, except that the generated document will be immediately sent to the e-mail address given in column C.

If you don't know how to generate documents in Docs Sheets Generator, please read the standard instruction:

If you need more explanations or additional help, please contact us: